What We’re All About

We’re passionate about our desserts and our communities~ we don’t mind shouting it out so the whole world can hear us! Founded in 2020 by Anbini Ganesh, Love and Sweet Bakery is a non-profit online dessert shop based in Issaquah, Washington that is committed to serving up delicious goodies to all of our customers, as well as contributing to the futures of our communities. Anbini is a high school student whose dream to make each community a better one for the young generations inspired the creation of this bakery. Her unique name means love and sweet, two values that she has carried throughout her life and into this organization. 

All revenue generated goes to organizations in need, such as the Seattle Children's Hospital, Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, Overlake Hospitals, COVID resources, Black Lives Matter organizations, the Hopelink Food Bank, and more. To add a cause to our list, we encourage you to contact us!

In addition, we are committed to producing high-quality goods to satisfy our customers. We use organic ingredients, follow COVID protocols, wear masks, gloves, regularly sanitize materials, etc.

For more information, custom orders, or anything else, please reach out!